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Rieju Marathon 125 Pro

Rieju Marathon 125 Pro is available in two versions, the Enduro or Supermoto versions. The two versions of the learner/entry level bike are powered by the same engine, the 6-speed Yamaha 4 valve watercooled engine. This engine is also used on the Yamaha WR125/YFZ-R125. So, Both come with proven engine. The new model has weight [...]

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2009 Rieju Tango 250

Rieju Tango of Spain has introduced the 250 in the park of Garraf Barcelona. Rieju Tango 250 is development from the previous smaller engine. Powered the Rieju Tango 250 is a single-cylinder four-stroke air cooled equipped with a simple carburetor Dell’Orto. The engine meets Euro 3 emissions. Rieju Tango 250 can be found in three [...]

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