Oberdan Bezzi looks like boring playing with motorcycle design. This time the Italian “never tired designer” comes with non-motorcycle concept, scooter concept. With this Gilera G𓰄RR Obeboi describes a hypothetical evolution of the mammoth G𓮠. The twin-cylinder scooter concept should be more powerful than the actual Gilera G𓮠. It also comes with sport specs such as sequential transmission of the Aprilia Mana, adjustable sports suspension and braking. This scooter also offers versatility with its enough space under the seat to be able to easily carry a pair of face helmets. Everything looks like perfect, but unfortunately the lack of streamline shape and aesthetics are a big problem. In my opinion, this scooter concept is less modern than the actual Gilera G𓮠.

Gilera GP900RR by Oberdan Bezzi