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Exane offers a set of carbon kit for Kawasaki Z 750

Heico Sportiv, a specialist Volvo tuner has just released the world’s first complete upgrade program for the Volvo Xᩨ. The tuning program includes both the internal and external features of the car combined with various engine upgrades for the different trim levels of the Xᩨ. Exane offers the 2007 Kawasaki Z 750, the complete set [...]

Casey Stoner’s face on Rossi’s AGV helmet

AGV has released a mini site where anyone can add his face to the now-famous Rossi Face helmet, then purchase it. This programme is designed by AGV in addition to the Mario-esque clouds and bubbles of the original helmet, there’s also plain white, black and silver GP-Tech’s to choose from. But whether the offering available [...]

Beta released the kit for the 2009 Evo 2T and 4T

Beta Motorcycle has released the accessories for their trail bike EVO 2009 Evo 2T and 4T. The official accessories will increase the engine’s performance and at the same time bring also comfort. Beta Evo 4T, both 250 and 300cc versions are equipped with various parts and kits that will increase performance by 2hp and torque [...]

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