Campagna Motors in collaboration with OptaMotive will bring the high performance version of its Campagna T-Rex to the Progressive Automotive X-Prize. Powering the amazing three wheeler is not the same as the stock’s Kawasaki 200bhp ZZR1400 engine. To improve performance in integration with efficiency, the Progressive Automotive X-Prize will be powered by an electric engine.

Powered by an all electric engine, the Progressive Automotive X-Prize has performance targets include power over 100 HP, 0-60 time in less than 10 seconds, and fuel consumption of at least 150 MPG and range of over 100 miles on single charge. Aside the engine performance, the amazing vehicle will be also light at less than 2,000 lbs of vehicle′s weight.

Campagna T-Rex to be an (all) electric vehicle

Note from its website:

OptaMotive has partnered with Campagna Motors to bring a high efficiency version of its high-performance T-Rex to the Progressive Automotive X-Prize. The stock vehicle is propelled by a 1400cc motorcycle engine, which is to be replaced by an all-electric drive train in the pursuit of improved efficiency.

OptaMotive believes that efficiency can co-exist in a “fun-to-drive” vehicle and believes the market adoption rates will increase dramatically when high-efficiency is readily available in vehicles which consumers “want” to own and drive.

The converted vehicle, project name “Surge” is designed to retain the excellent performance resident in the T-Rex’s DNA while targeting energy efficiency of greater than 150 MPGe.

Campagna T-Rex to be an (all) electric vehicle

Target Performance Specifications

  • Range 100+ miles
  • 0-60 < 10 Seconds
  • Weight < 2,000 lbs
  • Economy ~150 MPGe
  • Power >100 HP

Other Features

  • System efficiency greater than 90% from battery to drive shaft
  • Lithium-Based Battery solution for high energy density
  • Zero Emissions

Campagna T-Rex to be an (all) electric vehicle

Campagna T-Rex to be an (all) electric vehicle